# Basic Example
Go ahead, play around with the editor! Be sure to check out **bold** and *italic* styling, or even [links]( You can type the Markdown syntax, use the toolbar, or use shortcuts like `cmd-b` or `ctrl-b`.
## Lists
Unordered lists can be started using the toolbar or by typing `* `, `- `, or `+ `. Ordered lists can be started by typing `1. `.
#### Unordered
* Lists are a piece of cake
* They even auto continue as you type
* A double enter will end them
* Tabs and shift-tabs work too
#### Ordered
1. Numbered lists...
2. too!
## What about images?
// Basic
new SimpleMDE({
    element: document.getElementById("demo1"),
    spellChecker: false,


# Autosaving!
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By default, it saves every 10 seconds, but this can be changed. When this textarea is included in a form, it will automatically forget the saved value when the form is submitted.
Autosaved: 11:17 pm61020:0
// Autosaving
new SimpleMDE({
    element: document.getElementById("demo2"),
    spellChecker: false,
    autosave: {
        enabled: true,
        unique_id: "demo2",